Pleased is an understatement. Our CEO got off the flight from Australia this morning and the first thing he did was call to tell me to quote: ‘make that sh*t viral… it is absolutely fantastic!’ …You guys are amazing and we truly appreciate your hard work and countless efforts to make this thing perfect!

Bradi D – Alexium


From start to finish it was like a Cinderella Dream COME TRUE! I cannot believe how amazing it all went. The production team was not pretentious, and even though I am new to film and networks, they held my hand and walked us through. There were no hidden traps to fall into, and they delivered excellently. They actually IMPROVED our way of marketing ourselves by describing our service BETTER than we ever have.

Peter F – App Marketing


It’s really important to get the right message, delivered in the right way, at the right time, to the right medium, and NewsWatch was able to do that excellently…I would highly recommend NewsWatch. They connect us between what we want to say, to what our audience wants to hear, to drive sales.

Tim S – Saygus


I again want to thank the NewsWatch team on an outstanding presentation. We’ve received exceptional response with the increase in active user Registrations, all directly related to the broadcast and the ensuing social sharing of the video. Thank you for the tremendous job!

Ann H – BYO Channel


Our sales of our ultimate workstation series have recently spiked and that is attributed to the work that you have done over at NewsWatch.  We really appreciate the overall quality of the video that was produced and we have seen a very positive response in our sales of our workstations from it.

Bret H – Contour Workstations


We really enjoyed the whole experience. Production, promotion, and communication could not have been better. We loved the video and the whole process. THANK YOU!

Jessica P – Intel


We needed a video immediately to help convey a complex product offering to potential investors and the market. They were very easy to work with and were able to develop a great video for us in short order. We were so happy with the work we have continued to use them and will do so in the future.

Robi S – Audi